Accessibility for Smartphones?

Smartphone owners! If your eyes strain to make out all that tiny text or you sometimes mishear words in audio clips a new company thinks that they have a solution for you.

iScroll has introduced a new app file format that combines ebooks and audio books with impressive results. While they engineered their product with broader audiences in mind, the format holds some great benefit for people with visual or hearing impairment.

Not interested in having a computer read to you? Never fear, each piece of iScroll media uses the recorded voice of a human being. Audiobooks, lectures, speeches, podcasts, radio shows, and much more are available. The format’s patented technology offers never before possible word for word synchronization of audio and text.

According to iScroll, studies have shown that listening while reading the text can increase retention by 38% and comprehension by 76%. Here at Elder Depot we’re more excited about the prospects of enabling the disabled or impaired access to good reading again.

iScroll is currently available only on the iPhone but it is scheduled to be realized for the Blackberry and Android by the end of 2010. If you give iScroll a try, let us know how it turns out. Check it out at

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