More Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2010

Last week I shared some Free Software Gift Ideas for Father’s Day, today I’m going share some great gift ideas that are well worth the cost.

Apple iPad

iPadWhat is it?
The iPad is a ‘tablet’ computer engineered for Internet surfing, e-book reading, video streaming, and light computing. It features an intuitive touch screen control system.
Why buy?
The iPad offers great benefits for persons who are visually impaired or face motor skills challenges. The touch screen is far more accessible than the standard computer keyboard and mouse set-up. In addition, the iPad includes options for VoiceOver screen reading, Zoom, and White on Black features. Even for those with solid vision and motor skills, the easy to use iPad takes computing several steps towards the familiar and simple experience of reading.
How much?
$499 from Apple

ClearSounds 2001M Infrared TV Listening System

What is it?

ClearSounds 2001M

The 2001M is a TV Listening System that allows the user to hear the Television through headphones at a higher sound level without changing the actual Television Volume.
Why buy?
The 2001M allows the hearing impaired and their loved ones to watch Television together without the one side being unable to hear or the other being blasted from the room. It also features individual volume settings for each ear.
How much?
$69.88 from Elder Depot , compare to MSRP $79.95

Large Print Reader’s Digest Subscription

What is it?
First published in 1922, Reader’s Digest has become the best-selling monthly magazine well known for its positivity, diverse array of articles, and humor pages.
Why buy?
Reader’s Digest has been a familiar publication for over 87 years and provides simulating but optimistic reading. The Large Print edition makes its pages more accessible to the visually impaired but it is also available in braille, digital, and audio.
How much?
$27.96 for One Year from Reader’s Digest

Nintendo Wii

What is it?
The Wii is a ‘next-generation’ video game console that features an innovative motion sensor control system resulting in highly interactive gaming.
Why buy?
The Wii is renowned for breaking down the generational divide and opening up gaming for people of all ages. The standard Wii includes Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling, and Boxing. It’s fun, nostalgic, and healthy — recent studies have shown that the stimulation provided by the Wii can be of both mental and physical benefit to Seniors. In fact, the Wii has enough of a health benefit that it has been endorsed by the American Heart Association (AHA).
How much?
$199 from Nintendo, additional controllers will raise the cost by roughly $55 a piece.

ezOne GSM Mobile Phone

What is it?
The ezOne is an easy-to-use Cell Phone stripped clean of confusing clutter and boasting useful streamlined features.
ezOne GSM Mobile PhoneWhy Buy?
Let the features speak for themselves.

  • Easy to Read KeypadFinally, a Cellular Phone with a Keypad that can be used without a magnifying glass. The ezOne has big and bright keypad buttons; in fact they are so big and so bright that the phone can be used easily in complete darkness. There is no competition, the ezOne has the largest buttons on the market.
  • Large Text Screen – Tired of squinting at a tiny cluttered screen? The ezOne features a Large 28-point Font and a simple interface without all the confusing bells and whistles.
  • Just the Right Size – The ezOne is 2″ Wide by 4″ Long by 1/2″ Tall. It fits easily in a pocket.
  • No More Wrong Numbers – Even if the keys can’t be seen clearly, the ezOne can read numbers as they are dialed!
  • S.O.S. Call Button – In an emergency no one wants to be fumbling with their phone. Simply press and hold the large S.O.S. button for 5 seconds. This will sound an alert and consecutively call 4 numbers until someone picks up. It will even send “Emergency, please answer my call!” as a text message to preselected numbers.
  • Phone Book – The digital phone book has memory to store up to 200 names and numbers. Calling is as just a matter of scrolling to a name and hitting a button.
  • Flashlight – The ezOne has a built in LED flashlight that gives off a bright beam of light for up to 20 feet. Because it is a low energy LED it can run off the phone battery for hours. Activated by a simple slide switch on the side of the phone, this handy feature will illuminate locks, dark paths, and corners without a hassle.
  • How much?

    $99.95 from Elder Depot

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