vBookz and iScroll compared.

After my post exploring Accessibility for Smartphones? in regards to iScroll, I was contacted by vBookz and made aware that iScroll has some tough competition in that market.

At first glance, there are three major differences between the two Apps.

  1. iScroll features human voices, vBookz is read by computer. The computerized readers used by vBookz are decent for what they are but they don’t capture the ‘feeling’ of a live voice.
  2. iScroll packages each book as an individual App with prices ranging from .99ยข to over $9.99. vBookz comes as a single App with a price tag of about $5 and has access to a library of over 30,000 public domain ebooks.
  3. iScroll has diversity in its library of hundreds of speeches, lectures, radio programs, articles, and ebooks. On the other hand, vBookz has a vast library of public domain ebooks.

In short, iScroll wins out in regards to quality of sound and diversity while vBookz has much better pricing and a larger if ‘narrower’ library. vBookz has one other noteworthy advantage, its primary App can come in one of 13 different languages.

As a closing note for the curious, the public domain library vBookz uses was compiled by Project Gutenberg.

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