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Recent Posts

Are Your Elderly Parents Keeping Any Secrets?

10 Common Secrets Kept by Aging Parents

Secrets That Elderly Parents Keep From Their Family

Most seniors pride themselves on being independent.  They spent most of their lives not only taking care of themselves, but also raising their own children.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that they may want to keep things private if they feel it will show their vulnerabilities.  Maybe they are not as organized, becoming forgetful, or even more serious things.

It can be difficult to ask for help, not to mention the lingering fear of being declared incapable of caring for yourself by your family.  No one wants to have their driving privileges  taken away, or even worse… be taken away from their home and forced into assisted living or a nursing facility.  As a result, seniors might think it harmless or in their best interest to downplay the severity of a situation or simply omit the situation all together.

Read the full article (10 Secrets that Aging Parents Keep) by, which provides some of the most common “intentional omissions” that seniors might not disclose to their family members.

Source: 10 Secrets that Aging Parents Keep 

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